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Nashville Star Sends Pair of Competitors Home

Posted by Staff on 07/09/2008

Another Monday night, another elimination. Actually, another two eliminations. Last night, Pearl Heart and Tommy Stanley had to bid adieu to their run on the Country Music show Nashville Star. Stanley was called at the beginning of the show and told he had to pack his bags while the other contestants went on to perform their songs. Pearl Heart gave a favorable performance of Garth Brooks’ hit “Ain’t Going Down ‘Til the Sun Comes Up” but still got the boot. “It kills me that you’re in the bottom two and not Laura & Sophie,” said Jewel, referring to the singing sisters that continually get verbal lashings from John Rich and Jewel for their lack of maturity and experience. “If I was your big brother, I would load up your bags myself and take you back home,” Rich saidto Laura and Sophie after their performance of “Walkin’ After Midnight.” Rich made it clear which group he preferred in the competition. “You’re in the bottom two,” Rich said to Pearl Heart, “and I just saw the best performance of this entire season from you girls.” Gabe Garcia, Laura and Sophie, Shawn Mayer, Coffey, Ashlee Hewitt and Melissa Lawson are those left to Rich’s scathing