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Faith Hill Releases Christmas Album

Posted by Amber Garner on 07/07/2008

Faith Hill finishes Christmas album that has been three years in the making. The album, Joy to The World, will be release Sept. 16, under Warner Brothers. The album contains many classic Christmas hits such as “Joy to the World,” and “Oh, Holy Night,” but some with a little different sound said Hill said one of the toughest things about creating the album was song selection. “Fortunately, most of these songs I’ve known my entire life. On some of them I was used to singing the lyric I grew up with, which was not always the original lyric. I guess over time things just change, or people take their own interpretation of what the song was originally.” The album was delayed for so long because of Hill’s tour with husband Tim McGraw from 2007-2008; work on her last album Fireflies and her greatest hits album. However when she was able to get back into the studio it was a whole new experience. “When we got back into the studio this last time to complete it, it had been 18 months since we had heard the tracks. And all of us just sat there turned off the vocal and just listened to the tracks of this Christmas music. We were all commenting on how fresh it was and how exciting it was to be back on the project. You would think it would be difficult with it not being the Christmas season, but when you record something that you’re really proud of, it stands the test of time, any time of the year,” said Hill. Despite how early the album will be released there will not be a tour to promote, but there will be a special on PBS and discussions for a special with a network. Still, Hill says she doesn’t want to lose sight of what the album is really celebrating. “I want it to be spiritual, I don’t want to forget why we even celebrate Christmas,” said Hill. “To me these songs are powerful and meaningful, and I want this to be the only Christmas album I’ll ever record. And hopefully in 50 years it will sound as good as it does now. That’s the intent behind it.”