2012 Will Be A Year of Change, Just Not In Country Music

Posted by Webb on 01/15/2012
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First of all I hope everyone's 2012 is a great year filled with the things you love.  For me that means a lot of bones, bushes, food left unattended and maybe a bitch or two.  My resolution is to lay around more, if that's possible?
So what do you think we can look for in 2012 in country music?  Here's my predictions:

  • Digital downloads will continue to grow, whether legal or not, while sales of cd's declines.
  • Taylor Swift will be a media darling.
  • Brad Paisley will play tricks on whoever his tour mates are.
  • Carrie Underwood will be a class act.
  • Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton will still be country music's reigning couple as long as they continue to act more "country" than Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.
  • Luke Bryan will talk very southern.
  • Jason Aldean will be cool.
  • The CMA Music Festival will rock, in a country kind of way.
  • Country music radio will play the same 20-30 songs everyday based on what the listener research shows.
  • Music Row won't figure out the whole digital age thing.
  • Mindy McCreary will make news that has nothing to do with country music.
  • Lady Gaga will make a country music record, maybe a duet with Toby Keith.

That's just a short list and yes you get the point, not a lot will change with country music because the industry isn't likely to change much unless their revenue significantly changes for the worse.  No gamblers here.