Jeffrey Steele

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Jeffrey Steele Releases Exclusives Through Best Buy

Posted by Kasey Bell on 11/19/2008

Singer-songwriter Jeffrey Steele, who starred on GAC's Hitmen of Music Row and also served as a judge on the latest season of Nashville Star, has released three albums exclusively t

Jeffrey Steele Impresses New York City

Posted by Maureen Wiley on 09/11/2008
GAC TV's first venture into reality series, "The Hitmen of Music Row," recently followed the "Hitmen (four of Nashville's most successful - and colorful - songwriters)" on a trip t

I’m Glad Nashville Dog...I mean Star…Is Over

I'm generally a pretty easy-going dog, and try to love everybody, but when I see dog shows on TV like Nashville Star, it just makes me want to puke and lick it up.