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Curb Records Set To Release New and Final Tim McGraw On Their Label

Curb Records will release Tim McGraw’s latest album, Emotional Traffic, a studio project, on January 24. Curb proclaims this release as a ‘best ever’ creative effort in his more than three decades of hit music.
The new 12 track set fast lanes with McGraw’s latest #1 single, “Felt Good On My Lips”, certified digital gold. His current single, “Better Than I Used To Be”, is now climbing the charts and is also included here. Of the sessions that produced the new music, McGraw noted in an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer on August 9: “…one of the best song I’ve ever recorded and certainly one of the best records we’ve ever made.”
A surprise guest artist collaboration from R&B pop wizard Ne-Yo on one of the tracks (Only Human) brings producer Darran Smith into the mix and adds further creditability to McGraw’s visionary artistic reach. Additional stand-out tracks include the catchy and inspiring “Touchdown Jesus” (written by Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip, and “I Will Not Fall Down” (penned by McGraw, Martina McBride and The Warren Brothers—Brett & Brad).
Curb Records is set immediately to further announce the availability of two digital single releases from the new package which will be exclusive to iTunes and available prior to Emotional Traffic reaching its official in store street date of Tuesday, January 24.
The track listing for Emotional Traffic is as follows:
1.       Halo
2.       Right Back Actha Babe
3.       One Part, Two Part
4.       I Will Not Fall Down
5.       The One
6.       Better Than I Used To Be
7.       Touchdown Jesus
8.       The One That Got Away
9.       Felt Good On My Lips
10.     Hey Now
11.     Only Human
12.    Die By My Own Hand
This is also the release Tim and Curb went to court over recently as Curb asserted the recordings did not fulfill McGraw’s contract with them. Tim countered it did and eventually won in court.
In summer 2012, Tim McGraw will join Kenny Chesney on the “Brothers of the Sun Tour,” already anticipated to become one of the highest grossing tours of the year across all genres.