Bill Anderson

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Bill Anderson Celebrates 50 Years With The Grand Ole Opry

Bill Anderson was just 20 years old when he made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry. He became a member less than three years later, and this year celebrates his 50th anniversary as

Tuesday Night Opry Returns

Tuesday Night Opry is back! The 2011 season will begin March 1.

Bill Anderson Celebrates 50 Years in the Grand Ole Opry

Posted by Christina Forte on 12/10/2010

Legendary singer-songwriter Bill Anderson has had one of the most successful careers in the Country Music world.

Jimmy Dean & Don Williams Welcomed into Country Music Hall of Fame

Jimmy Dean is now a name to not only be associated with breakfast sausage, but the Country Music Hall of Fame. Dean and fellow vocalist Don Williams were in

Bill Anderson Is Ready for July

Posted by Lisa Ann Schleipfer on 07/02/2010

Country Music legend Bill Anderson is happy to see the month of June come to an end this year. The songwriter has endured two funerals, surgery and a bus fire accident.

Larry Black and Keith Bilbrey Bring "Larry's Diner" To RFD-TV

Larry’s Country Diner, hosted by Larry Black with help from legendary Grand Ole Opry announcer Keith Bilbrey, premieres Thursday September 3 on RFD-TV. Grand Ole Opry star