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The McClymonts Make Their U.S. Debut

Posted by Keri Sanders on 08/11/2011
On August 23, The  McClymonts will release their new album, Wrapped Up Good, in the U.S. The Australian country music trio-- Sam, Mollie and Brooke-- wanted nothing more than to prove they could succeed after a U.S. record executive said, "You won't make it here, because you are girls, and girls don't sell in country music."
The sisters are now touring the U.S., performing at county and state fairs, and they recently finished the 2010 Jason Aldean fall tour. For their album, the girls enlisted the help of record producers Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift) and Adam Anders (Glee, Backstreet Boys, Nick Jonas, Sinead O'Connor).
Music Row Magazine's Robert K. Oermann describes the title track "Wrapped Up Good" as, "Attractively minor key, with cool dobro backing and a punchy rhythmic thump. The trio's vocal arrangements are quite imaginative, alternating between straightforward harmonizing and Greek-chorus 'answering' passages. Smartly bopping, maddeningly catchy and insanely listenable."
In Australia, Wrapped Up Good was the Top 5 Best Selling Country Album of the Year (2010), and the first four singles went to No. 1. The award-winning album will be available to U.S. listeners later this month, but if you simply cannot wait, the video for "Wrapped Up Good" can be seen on CMT Pure and GAC.