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Chris Young Hits No. 1 With "Tomorrow"

Posted by Melanie Agee on 07/26/2011

 Chris Young celebrates his fourth number one single in a row this week with “Tomorrow.” The song is off his third album, Neon, an album Young admitted he was anxious to make. He knew that after three years he and his co-writers Anthony Smith and Frank Myers had something truly special when “Tomorrow” came about.

"'Tomorrow' was always a song I knew was going to be a single, and I always had leaned toward it being the first single," says Chris. "So that's a little nerve-wracking, because when you do that, you put a lot of hope into the song and put a lot of pressure on it. But everybody at the record label and at radio really thought the same thing we did ... 'Tomorrow' was their favorite. We had our hopes for it to be the biggest song so far in my career, the fastest-climbing, the fastest-selling -- and it's lived up to those. And it takes a lot of pressure off when the first single off a record is the fastest-rising thing you've ever had."
While Chris put together his third album, he didn’t even stop to think about the pressure of following up his previous album, The Man I Want To Be, which included the record-setting “Voices” that landed Chris in the history books next to Randy Travis. But Chris says he’s glad he forgot to be nervous.
"I was so excited about putting new music out for the first time in a few years that I didn't really think about the pressure side of it," says Chris. "It was my third record, not my second, and I had really had my first success on my second record. Nobody talks about the third album jinx, so nobody talked about it until 'Tomorrow' was out, and then the song took off. So it was more about creating the music and creating and crafting each song to be something special and different."
Currently, Chris Young is on tour with Jason Aldean as part of his My Kinda Party tour. So the two can celebrate together as Chris’s No. 1 landed on the charts right after Jason’s “Dirt Road Anthem” took the top spot.