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Tim McGraw Doesn't Love The Business Side Of Country Music

Posted by Julia Stamper on 07/21/2011
Tim McGraw is without a doubt one of the most successful country music artists of today. He has sold over 40 million albums, has an impressive 32 No. 1 hits, and has spent years touring and performing for his fans. Yet after two decades in the spotlight, he says he isn’t as fond of the business as he used to be.
"There's less love of the business," he admits to CMT. "But there's not less love of the music and not less love of being onstage in front of fans." He also states that he "doesn’t know the rules," and that, "I can't tell you who runs what in Nashville. I've always been sort of outside the circle in Nashville and the whole business.”
However, despite these changing feelings, he reassures fans that his love of country music and the rush he feels when performing on stage will never go away. "There's times where you feel, 'I don't really know if I want to go out there tonight and do it,'" he notes. "But once you get out there and feel it, there's no other energy like it. You just can't find that anywhere ... I've tried. Nothing artificial works as well."
Tim’s love for the music is evident when he calls his latest album, Emotional Traffic, “the best album that I’ve ever made.” He is most at ease about his music when he bucks the trends and does things his own way, saying "I really feel like I can do things my way and make music the way I want to make it. I can't go make a record like somebody else has made a record. Because it won't work for me. If I knew what the regular routine is on how to go do something, then I probably wouldn't be able to do it as well."
Tim is currently on the road with Luke Bryan and The Band Perry for his Emotional Traffic tour. Upcoming locations include New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.