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Blake Shelton Gives Backstage Tour Of Grand Ole Opry

Fans of Blake Shelton are flocking to the Grand Ole Opry to tour the famous site alongside one of country's biggest names. Tour-goers can now go behind the scenes with a tour guide and Shelton, who goes through the tour in video form, discussing the site while sharing personal anecdotes regarding various rooms. 
For example, when visitors enter the Opry Member Gallery, Shelton tells the group about the time he was inducted to the Opry, saying, "Opry membership is a thrill that never gets old."
Carrie Underwood joins Shelton in the Opry's Green Room to share what the room means to her. She goes through the different pictures featured in the room, also known as the Family Room, and talks about the different activites that take place in those walls. 
Tour groups also get a chance to view artist's dressing rooms, which have been refurbished since the Nashville flood in 2010. At the end of the tour, a visit is made to the Opry stage.
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