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Faith on Reba: "That Woman Is Hilarious"

Posted by amyclark on 08/17/2008

9/18/2007 Stephen L. Betts   Before she was discovered, one of Faith Hill's day jobs was working for Reba's Starstruck Entertainment. Needless to say, Faith was honored to have been invited to perform “Sleeping with the Telephone” on Reba Duets. “That was awesome,” Faith says of the collaboration, which the pair recorded at Reba’s Starstruck Studios in Nashville. “Most duets are done separately, mostly because of scheduling conflicts, but side-by-side we were together singing the song. I have been a huge fan of hers for so, so many years and we have become great friends over the years.” It wasn’t all business for Faith and Reba. “You talk about laughing, talk about crazy jokester,” says Faith. “That woman is hilarious. She has got a great sense of humor, so it was an honor to be asked to sing on her album.”